MADE IN USA - Manufacturer of Staples & Staplers since 1894 for a wide range of professional & industrial fastening applications. Wire Cutters & Crimpers.

Crystals: Crystal Blanks, Inverted Mesa, Doubly-Rotated AT, Surface Mount and Thru Hole MPX, Precision Surface Mount and Thru Hole AT Cut, HFF Oscillator and Filter Applications.  Oscillators: Surface Mount & Thru Hole Clock Oscillators, Surface Mount & Thru Hole VCXOS, and TCXO's.


High Performance Tools For Microscopy, Inspection & Assembly  —  Microscopes, Video Inspection Equipment, Magnifying Lamps,  Task Lighting, Precision Hand Tools, Soldering / Desoldering Tools, Crimpers, Cutters, Pliers and strippers.

Battery Maintenance & Restorative Fluid.  Reduces Charging Time & Extends Discharge & Storage Time.  Information Sheet

MADE IN USA - Manufacturer of the DeoxIT® family Of Environmentally-Safer Contact Cleaners  and Connector Enhancing Treatments. Fiber-Optic Cleaning Kits, Greases, Lubricants, Protective Lotions, Solvents, Shielding Compounds, Conductive Inks & Accessories.


Solar Panels, Systems & Controllers, LED Lighting, Replacement Bulbs, AC & DC Tubes, Latching Relays & Electronic Components.


Board to Board, Wire to Board, SIM, USB and Coaxial Connectors and Cable Assemblies

MADE IN USA - Premiere line of Hand Tools, Power Tools & Testers for Electrical, Industrial, ComData, FiberOptic and WiFi Applications:  Wi-Fi Test, Datacom, DSL & Copper, Ethernet - Transport, Fiber-Optic Tools & Testers, Fiber & Cable Jetting Installation, Tracing & Locating, VDV Tools, VDV Testers, Butt-Sets, VDV Termination Products, & Wire Termination


Audio/Video Equipment:
PA Systems, Amplifiers, Power Amps, Mixer-Amps, Network A/V Products, A/V Cameras, Multi-Media Players, Microphones, Horns, Speakers and Accessories.


Explosion-Proof LEDs, LED 4' Tubes, Polestar Multi-Beam High Bays,  High Bays 120, 160 Watt, Street and Parking Lot Lighting, MR16, PAR 30, Flood Lights, Pendant Lights, Flex Strip & Post Top LED Lamps

SDM & Fixed Components 
CAPACITORS: Al Electrolytic, Ceramic Disc, Hi-Voltage, Multi-Layer, Chip, Molded Tantalum, Polyester Film, PPTC, Battery, Fan & Fuse Capacitors.   DIODES: General 1A to 6A Rectifiers.
INDUCTORS: Molded Wound Chip Inductors.
RESISTORS: Carbon Film, Metal Film, Metal Oxide, Wire Wound, Chip, Resistor Networks & Hi Tolerance Resistors (0.1%).

LED Lamps, Indications, Chips, Drivers, Heat Sinks, Lenses & Accessories.  Panel Mount LED Indicators, Filament Replacement LEDs, PCB Mounting LEDs & Custom Made Products.

MADE IN USA - Founded in 1972, Oslo Switch Inc.  manufactures manually operated electromechanical switches and indicator lights.  Key-Lock Switches, Miniature Switches & Indicators, Push-Button Switches, Rocker Switches and Custom Solutions.




A Leader in Test & Measurement Equipment: Analog Pressure Gauges, Calibration Equipment,  Electrical Testers, Industrial Maintenance Products, Inspection Tools, Instrument Cases, Safety Instrumentation, Temperature & Humidity Instruments and Water Quality Meters.

Industry Leader in Specialized Tools for Heating & AC and Appliance service professionals. Pullers, Flashlights, Hand Tools & many other Unique Products.


Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
(Super Glue) for Industrial & General Purpose: Metal, Wood, Plastics, Glass & more.  Rear-View Mirror Adhesive, 2-Part Epoxy, Python Glue, Accelerator & Threadlocker.


3-D PRINTERS, Tools, Test Equipment, Handheld O’Scopes, Kits, Solder,  Production Equipment, Mini Drills, LCD Monitors,  CCTV Equip, Sirens, Audio Equipment, Lighting Products, Horns, Speakers, Megaphones, Aluminum & Plastic Boxes, Components, Connectors & Educational Equipment. 

 WIRE, CABLE & CONNECTIVITY PRODUCTS: Jacks, Patch Cables, Patch Panels, Connectors. 
MADE IN USA Coaxial Cable, Control, Security and Audio Cable, LAN and Premise Cable, Direct Burial and Mining Cable, Fiber Optic Cable, Fire Alarm Cable, Home Automation & Multimedia Cables.
Factory Direct, High Quality, Cost Effective Products.
Retail Products: POLAROID® & GOLDX® Brands of connectivity products, battery chargers, cell phone and computer peripherals.
Power Products:  Wall Mount, Desktop & Open Frame Power Supplies.
DataComm Products: Cu & Fiber Optic Cables, Patch Panels, Racks & Cabinets, Switches, Splitters, Connectors, Adapters, Signal Boosters, Wireless Products.  OEM Products: Custom Harness, Power Cables, Power Supplies and Turnkey Products.

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