EMI Filters: Power Line Filters, Power Entry Modules, 3-Phase Filters and DC Filters. and Photo Electric Lighting Controls: over 30 models for controlling Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, HID and LED sources.

AC/DELCO & PowerMax Brand Batteries:  Alkaline, Heavy-Duty, Lithium, NiMH & Silver Oxide. BATTERY CHARGERS, BACK-UP POWER PACKS, FLASHLIGHTS & LANTERNS

    “Quality Connectors, Plugs & Speakers Since 1976”
Suppressed EMI Connectors, Hi-Performance RJ-45 Connectors, Cat 5e & Cat 6 Products. Modular Jacks, Telephone Data Products, USB Receptacles, D-Subs, Sockets & Headers, BNC , Din & Mini-Din Connectors.
Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (Super Glue) for Industrial & General Purpose: Metal, Wood, Plastics, Glass & more.  Rear-View Mirror Adhesive, 2-Part Epoxy, Python Glue, Accelerator & Thread-locker. UV Curable Adhesives and Systems.

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SUN REP,INC. is a GGA Corp Affiliate