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New From NTE Electronics

New Logo, New Look, New Catalogs, and New Products.
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New  SLA Battery Catalog New PowerSport Brochure New Demand Response Modules

New Lithium PowerSport Batteries — Coming March 2019!

New LED Light Bars from NTE:

Aven Product Launch Showcase 2016

   How ups systems work

New 2015 Greenlee Communications Catalogs are available:




Charge your smart phone and other mobile devices on the go

with NTE's New Power Bank, 57-PB1


The small, compact size of NTE’s new power bank allows for easy storage in a pocket or purse, and provides the power needed to charge various electronic devices without being tied to an outlet.



• Quickly and easily locate high losses and faults in fiber optic cables.

• Up to 7km measurement range.

• Pulsed and CW mode of operations.



Power-Sonic PHR High Rate

VRLA Batteries


Power-Sonic has expanded its product offering to include 10 year design life, High Rate UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) line of VRLA batteries.

Power-Sonic’s key benefits are their quality products, value pricing, private labeling and access to their broad range of 5 and 10 year design life VRLA and SLA batteries.

For more information, please visit the POWER-SONIC PHR Series page.

New short form catalog from POWER-SONIC is available.  This displays the new "F-C" switching mode, float chargers.  Click here to download a copy (PDF format)

        POWER-SONIC Charger Operation Guides
POWER-SONIC Battery Overview (powerpoint)


        Kester Lead Free Pocket Paks®

Due to overwhelming requests, NTE has just added a new lead free Pocket Pak® to its Kester line.
This new item, P/N: 83-7068-1402, contains .43 oz (12.2grams) of .031" diameter lead-free solder.

This item is packaged in distinctive green tubes and is sold in 50 pc quantity color coordinated counter displays.

This lead-free pocket pak® joins the 3 other Kester pocket paks® carried by NTE.

To view complete details on this new item and the other Kester Pocket Paks® available exclusively through NTE, click on the following link.